Goldman traders lose money on just one day in first quarter

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trader13, May 10, 2011.

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    Give a year or two and they'll need a bailout again.
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    Goldman Traders trade crap like muni bonds, CDS or exotic options with nice wide bid/asks, printing guaranteed money on every trade.

    People should stop comparing an investment bank's "trading record" to their own retail day-trading. Completely different world.
  4. Wow!!!
    They are almost as good as Madoff.
    Very impressive...
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    This. These are not results from directional trades but from market making activities (I would hope). If they actually traded ES long/short there would be perhaps a 0.1% chance they had the same kind of record (no losses).
  6. Well somebody's got to be raking in all the cash if 90% of retail traders are losing money...
  7. Trading is defined as "packaging fraudulent cdo toxic waste and robbing pension funds . or the U S tax payers for bailouts of fraud engineered by scum of wall street~
  8. This is the combined result of all of goldman's trading operations. JPM & GS are the best names on the street.
  9. I only traded 1 day in the 1st quarter and made a bundle...guess we all know what day that was now....

    :D :p :D
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