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  1. We are going down, they have been selling into every rally up, major re-allocations have been taking place since that report, handing off to the bagholders.
  2. What did you expect? Did you think that Goldman is an honest operation? HA
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    if you cant trust someone named 'Goldman', who can you trust?
  4. one scenario is that they firmly believe 140 is coming in the intermediate term, 200 is possible in the long term, leaving out their very short term view...that's it's overbought and due for a pullback, and they are taking profits into the strength.

    at least, that's what i hope because i have a couple positions taking a beating...:p

    my memory may be failing me, but didn't the same scenario play out on their last major bullish call. they called for dramatically higher prices, the market fell, then proceeded to march towards 100?

    gave the ol' college try in trying to find the reference, but google couldn't come through.
  5. Riskfreetrading and his good readers (God bless them)!:D

    Goldmen could not call the top of the days at the level of the minute, but RFT and his good readers were able to!

  6. So true, they are the biggest crooks on wall street. Its in their blood, they will screw you over and then wonder why everyone hates us.

    They never screw their own though, just everyone else.
  7. I think they got caught off guard and starting taking a bath, and needed that EMERGENCY ANALYST CALL as crude was selling off, I bet they were taking a bath at 120.75, and levered up......and made an internal call to take measures to get the price up via any measures, and close out their positions, as the market had turned before they saw it, they thought they would get more bang out of their 200 call.

    That is the explanation that makes sense, as the reports were too close in proximity, and had so different dynamics.

    For Oil to average 141 for the entire second half, and they even factor in a 15% correction, it has to be well above 141, i.e., 167, 175, etc------just a loony analyst report when you think of it in terms of professional analyst writing.

    I am not a fan of the jewish comments in reference to GS, market behavior including talking one`s book applies to all ethnicities----money and what is represents is universal. Thanks
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    what jewish comments?
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    "They" are always accumulating and distributing lines on balance.
    It is the way "they" operate in the markets.
  10. NG selling off pretty substantially since the highs, the increasing inventories hard to deny, just broke 11 a btu, headed to at least 10.30 pretty soon, then re-evaluate what the retracement move might be before ultimately braking hard into the 9 range in my opinion.
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