Goldman started Italian BTPs selloff ?

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    Goldman first, then hedge funds and US banks followed.

    For those who can read italian, here's the link Goldman Sachs ha innescato vendite Btp
    For those who can't, wait until ZeroHedge writes some rant about it :D

    In the meantime, enjoy new all time high BUND spreads with France: 161
    and this morning Belgium touched 280
    About time for France to be downgraded, ditch Sarkozy and put some Goldman man in charge like in Italy.
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    I suggest, let me see... Trichet! The perfect asshole for the job.:p
  3. Chrome translates foreign language web pages

    CRISIS: Goldman Sachs has ignited sales BTP (MF)

    MILAN (AFX) - The markets and 'has been rumored that Goldman
    Sachs in triggering the sell-off of Treasury bonds, then followed by hedge funds
    and other banks overseas. You can read it in an article MF explaining that even the umbrella of the ECB, with the purchase of Italian government bonds, and 'served. Goldman Sachs kicked off an old trick: with the appropriate sales prices of BTPs crush as much 'as possible and then, just before the crisis of (Berlusconi's resignation effective), it cornered at prices from balance. The 'intervention will probably succeed Napolitano' to reduce the time the wave speculative, since before Monday 'next you should know if there will be 'a new government or you will go' to early elections. This will be enough 'to bring the spread to acceptable levels ? No, and it has clearly written the same Goldman Sachs in a report released Tuesday 'evening in case of an executive of the center-right coalition supported by a more ' wide, the spread would stand 400-450, then level always dangerous. Early elections would instead "the worst case scenario for markets "and in this case, Goldman does not make forecasts on the spread, but , and 'clear that the stars rise. red / vit (end) AFX NEWS
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    France 168, new high

    Sorry ZeroBrain has no rants about Italy so far, but has just posted something about France's downgrade :D

    PS: and Austria's downgrade
    I remember some italian morons run to buy Austrian bonds "because it's a triple A" and move money to Austrian banks because they are "safer than italian banks" LOL
    Now I'll go lurk over italian forums to see if they are selling them and moving the money back to Italy :D
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    upsy daisy :D Austria-germany spread now @160 all time high

    Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Austria may not be able to provide enough capital to underpin its banks’ units in eastern Europe on top of their domestic business if they resort to state aid again, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service said today.
    “The Austrian government may not have the capacity to support all the foreign operations of the large domestic banks,” S&P analysts led by Markus Schmaus said in a statement. Austrian lenders including Erste Group Bank AG and Raiffeisen Bank International AG are the biggest lenders to borrowers in eastern Europe, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

    Now Goldman Sachs will have to put someone there too :D
  6. Goldman transforms even "sh1t" into gold...