Goldman sees rather strong 2010-11

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  1. Let me know if you ever find a 'salesman', especially a crooked salesman saying any bad shit about his 'product'.

    What would you expect from the doers of 'God's work'?

    The economy is going to crash 'n burn?

  2. actually i think they're sending an important subliminal message here

    they're telling the sheep it is ok to put all of their money into the stock market during the next two years

    obviously they need hamsters to run the wheel
  3. The problem is the sheep have even less wool than ever. The crooked 'shepherds' have fleeced them over & even taken out loans on their future wool production.

  4. Capitulation.
  5. On that note, when did GS ever issued a negative outlook? Why do you even believe what they say?
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    This is comical! Goldman says the economy <b>will</b> expand 4.4% in 2010....

    Ummm....perhaps "expected to, should, likely to, etc." would be better word choice? Shit, maybe these guys actually are doing "God's work." I guess they got a direct link to the heavens for their forecasting data?

  8. Why of course they have issued a negative outlook. They told you to buy S&P puts in late February, 2009, remember?
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