Goldman Sees Peak in Treasury Rally

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  1. NEW YORK—Goldman Sachs Group Inc., hitherto one of the biggest Treasury-bond bulls on Wall Street, now says the rally has seen its peak and the best trade going forward is to buy stocks, not bonds.

    Francesco Garzarelli, chief interest-rate strategist at Goldman Sachs in London, said that the benchmark 10-year note's yield has seen its bottom in the 2.45%-to-2.50% area, breaking ranks with other bulls.

    "Equity offers much better return opportunity than bonds going forward," said Mr. Garzarelli in a telephone interview.

    U.S. stocks beat Treasurys and other U.S. fixed-income assets in September. The Dow Jones Industrial Average handed investors ...

    Typical ambivalent Goldman "talk". What about their QE II calls ?:confused: