Goldman SCUMsacs Pushing up the Price of Oil

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  1. When they came out with the 150-200 target, oil blew past 120.

    And after yesterdays 6 dollar intraday selloff, they come out with at 141 target for the second half of the year and oil rallies to new highs again.

    The pattern is pretty clear, they are telling the market what their profit target on their monster long oil position is and the market is pushing up prices to hit their profit target.

    I just love how they push up prices overnight while everyone is sound asleep.
  2. Actually, I heard that the trilateral commission, la Cosa Nostra and the Freemasons are behind the rally and have all their money in oil.
  3. I have it on very good authority that the Romulans have a cloaked Warbird in stationary orbit right above Wall Street and are using subspace transmitters to interfere with world financial markets!
  4. Ka-Plaugh!!!!!

    dare you forget mortal human, that the Klingons have much to settle with you!

    The Kardashians and Species 8427 are on their way through the transwarp conduits, we gave them the address..
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    ME TOO!!! But Goldman might be in on it too, they are after all a bunch of Jews, you never know about those people.

    Here is the deal, if everyone "knows" your position in the market, they are going to run on you and your going to come out on the wrong end of it. Look what happened last year at Amarath.
  6. I'm with Aelion -

    Its a well known fact that JP Morgan could send the market up or down simply by walking on the floor and smiling or frowning at the height of his power.

    Goldman rules the street - they own oil, they want oil up, they talk it up.

    Pretty transparent.

    "Oil will hit $141 based on 4% world economic growth"

    UN announced this morning they see 1.4% world growth.

    Goldman > the United Nations

  7. People, wake up and stop being misled by the diversionary conspiracy theories. Everyone knows those posts are made by the Crab People who secretly live among and rule us.
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    Don't you mean Cardassians?:D
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    141 is their official target, which probably means it hits 135 and tanks.
  10. The Dark Side of the Force is currently constructing a DeathStar in Dubai, UAE which sole purpose is to manipulate the crude oil complex. It's being disguised as a 5-star hotel.



    Chancellor Bush is our only hope to halt construction and to return.
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