Goldman says wall street faces 460 billion in losses

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  1. The current market bottom may be made out of tissue paper.
  2. if that is news that will make markets dance, how come that futures did not move wild in after hours. ES is down only 4 points. I think the market is now following technicals, and when it decides to sell off (most likely tomorrow wednesday or on Thursday) it will find the reason to sell off. If no reason, the talking heads would say it is due to profit taking.:D
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    i think goldman wants the market to head lower so they can get in on this rally at a cheaper price.
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    Shit Happens! :D
  6. Looks to me like Goldman Sachs is short and needs a selloff to cover. I believe we will not see downside until next week. So stay long.
  7. The game is already rigged. Feds and Treasury own the markets dude. Feds and The Treasury department is standing by should anyone mess with this bottom... just remember they won't let you take it out. They will manipulate the game

    THE BOTTOM Its defended by 2 Fed rate cuts and markets were unable to breach 1270 area on SPX on 6 consecutive times in 7 weeks between Jan 22nd and March 18, 2008.

  8. GOLDMAN wants a sell off, ground beings prepared , net is thrown in.... here is our institutional trader barking same old fears, doom and gloom...
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    the volume in apr 135 spy puts was 37000 today,huge ,they rallied this mrkt up last 3 days to short it so they could make some profits to cover the upcoming losses
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