Goldman says Bernanke WRONG!

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  1. WallStreet cry babies, hyping their made up crisis, all the data from now until Fed meeting will soften, giving the Fed room to say were not so worried about inflation anymore.

    wallstreet twisting that pussy bernanke's' arm, making him do as hes told.

    Hes just an honorary stooge
  2. I was wondering why GS didn't have Bernanke flown out to the Miami house for "the talk" instead of sending him a message via Bloomberg?'s mafia style bullying it seems to me.

    You think Bernanke's twin brother is tied up in a closet deep in the bowels of GS HQ somewhere and will be freed after 3 consecutive rate cuts and another trillion is printed? :p
  3. nice one goldman.

    they advised everybody 2 months ago to sell stg/usd. probably the worst currency call in the last two years.

    we have a similar thing here in the uk .
    all the analysts and banks were calling for lower rates due to this and that but the bank of england have kept on hiking and did a surprise hike a few months ago.
    the latest inflation figures are terrible and now they possibly might go for two more hikes this summer alone.

    the reality is that there is massive inflation in the system and bernanke is not about to add to the problem by cutting rates just to bail out a few idiots who lost theit home and a stock market when it wakes up on the way down.

    get those rates up ben
  4. Haha..awesome...fade the Goldman...
    Can you say SMOKESCREEN?

    Anyone at these firms watch the 5TY x 3US spread?

    that makes my short rates bet so much more convincing..
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    what does Goldman know
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