Goldman Sachs

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  1. Anyone notice the stock is down like $7.00 today. Mark to market, sub prime, what gives?
  2. GS will be fine...BSC overblown, interes....oops thought I was stock_trd3r for a minute...Don't worry he'll answer this post with insight into how equities are priced. Don't be fooled by his rather childish sounding posts. He knows how to buy stocks that go up!
  3. Housing Market is slowly busted up; rate hike is on its way.

    The strange; yet very clearly signal shows the bull market is fading.

    Dare I said it; Recession is the only way out.

    Does anyone heard cockroach theory?
  4. Well I like the volatility on it anyway!!:)
  5. yeah it is volatile but im sure it will make its way back. no issues with GS>.
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  7. i think it maybe going to test 200-210 area.
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    Hopefully it goes back to $100/shr so I can pick some up for the long-term. :) :cool: :D
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    funny how stocks are taking a breather and each time they correct articles like this appear. Dont get me wrong, each time the market has taken a 1-2% pullback it starts to rally again, but what happens if this is the start of a 2-3 year bear market.

    Market Outlook
    Bullish On Stocks, Despite Speed Bumps
    Bernie Schaeffer, Option Advisor 06.25.07, 2:20 PM ET
  10. i think it maybe going to test 200-210 area.
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