Goldman Sachs Versus Bridgewater

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Roman Candle, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Why can't Goldman with all there government connections in place seem to beat these other large players in the market. Like Bridgewater, some of these funds saw inflows while Goldman saw outflows.

    And I wonder how these other asset managers feel about Goldman.

    Goldman and JP Morgan year over year got smoked on there returns. Is that why the tax payers had to bail these clowns out. The operate like a hedge fund, with a goverment backstop. Thats not fair to these other funds. What a crock.
  2. I wonder if that 20B Goldman has now is from us tax payers. The best and the brightest hahahahaha what a laugh.
  3. The answer is talent. Bridgewater is based on solid methodologies for the long term while GS want's a kill for the next paycheck.