Goldman Sachs ups Citi to buy ...

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  1. Goldman Sachs cuts Wells Fargo to neutral ...
  2. is this the trading desk position or an analyst suggestion.

    i would imagine this will give goldmans trading desk a great chance to short the shit out of the stock as every mug out there pays them on the offer.

    nice goldman you bunch of turds
  3. wickcity


    You say Goldman upped Citi, this must mean Goldman is short Citi.
  4. No, it means they want to sell citi - they could be long and want to be less long or neutral.

    Encouraging buying after they were ALREADY short would be retarded.
  5. Uno


    I don't trust a single word out of Goldman Sachs

    Look at their track record. They were in bed with Greeks covering up books

    They were cheating their clients on mortgages fiasco telling them to buy what they were shorting.

    Fu** Goldman Sachs, Fu** them
  6. FreshDive


    Who trusts Golden Sachs? Nobody.If Golden Sachs becomes like Lehman Brothers, I will laugh at them..
  7. Does anyone take GS seriously anymore? You know they are put these ratings out to get out of positions.
  8. sumfuka


    I take GS seriously. They aren't so good on the short calls side, but the long call side is pretty decent.
  9. corbel


    I think you missed the joke.

    The reason GS has been in so much trouble is because they were trying to get people to buy things they knew would fail, so their profits would be higher when they short sold it
  10. masonyes


    I bought short-term puts on citigroup; they have a myriad of factors against them. 1. Treasury ownership; the treasury will continue to sell shares throughout the year thus deflating the price. 2. Pending lawsuits by indviduals, states and national governments; many are preparing lawsuits against the big banks due to their alleged misconduct; it's plausible and this past year the commonwealth of Massachusetts filled it's budget gap suing goldman sachs and foreign governments are preparing suits. 3. Although I may be wrong about this but the financial reform bill diminishes their profits and limits potential for growth, right? 4. Market capitalization until citigroup does a reverse splits or stock repurchases the ability for the stock to grow is greatly reduced. If the price doubled to 8 dollars per shape, citigroup would become the third largest company by marketcap in America. This is unlikely and so the logical outcome is reverse split which was approved by proxy voters.|TWR
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