GOLDMAN SACHS up 65% in 3 days!!

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  1. THE STAR is GOLDMAN SACHS - GS has rallied from 74 to 122.90 in less than 3 trading sessions. WOW! Thats; over 60% !!!!

    Citi, BAC, GS, and XLF had good gains today. But JPM lagged badly, why??

    Citi was strong throughout the day but faded quickly in last few minutes to close at 18.62, about 45 cents from the high. I am looking for Citi to rally to 21 or 22 during the next few days. Citi has rallied over 50% since the low on Friday. Same for XLF.
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    paulson is putting his retirement account cash to "work"
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    Yawn! Thats what happens when governments break out their fiat parachutes. Just make sure they didn't pack your chute. We all know they did.
  4. If GS as a bank is now going to be required to delever from roughly 40:1 down to 10:1, then it would seem that their earnings are going to substantially decline. Until they report earnings as a fully delevered new entity how can you possibly know what you are paying for them on a P/E bais?

    If that assumption is correct then I don't understand this movement in the stock price and would appreciate any enlightenment.
  5. 210 by next year probably
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    Don't distract us with business fundamentals! The spoils go to the politically connected.
  7. lol boy, are you guys ever optimistic.
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    People were retarded last week, they actually thought Goldman and MS were going to go under. MS is up ~300% from where it was last week. No more large US banks go under from here. Bear and Lehman made bad bets and were losing money hand over fist. GS and Morgan were making money, there is a difference, the government won't and wouldn't let a solvent financial institution get shorted into the ground.

  9. GS is up 60% because everything being done by Paulson is done for the benefit of GS.

    Ban on short sales:

    When GS dropped nearly 10% in one day

    Bailout Package:

    When GS tested $100

    Outright Purchase of Bank stock:

    When GS broke below $100

    The moral of the paulson dramas?

    better not mess with his 300 million stocks and options in GS.

    Why was LEH allowed to go bankrupt while BSC was allowed to be bought up?

    Paulson has personal animosity against Fuld.
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    JPM earnings come out tomorrow at 7:00am, so I assume many wanted to jump ship; if you're holding UYG, XLF, or other financials you may want to preemptively lube up for tomorrow, it may hurt.
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