Goldman Sachs talking $14.50 soybeans, $5.30 corn, $7.50 wheat next 12 months

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by katesdp, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. katesdp


    And $750 Gold.
  2. do you have a source to quote or a link, etc?
  3. That can only mean one thing: Goldman is looking to sell spewing out those price targets.
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    do u have a link?
  5. I think they meant $13/bushel wheat. What about the $112/barrel crude oil?
  6. katesdp


    Goldman Sachs <GS.N>, the most active investment bank in
    energy markets, now expects U.S. crude to average $95 a barrel
    in 2008, up $10 from the previous projection. [nL12525023]
  7. So I guess you shorted some crude oil at $50 or so when they said it was going to $100 huh? LOL.

  8. ===================
    actually think detective was using some dry humor also. And dont watch CNBC that much, myself, but they mentioned buying $150 crude oil options recently, in a serious tone. Maybe CNBC meant $75.0 crude oil or less. LOL

    Not a prediction, but XOM exec recently mentioned $30 in price of oil;
    which to me implied about crude $76.CNBC may call that projection $30 oil.LOL

    Its really more of alternative trend than counter trend, Oldtrader;
    founder of Interactive Brokers was seen on ad in December, riding a horse-''never use an ordinary trading vehicle''.:cool: :cool: