Goldman Sachs support level

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. it tested the May 5th low of 189.21 on thursday and actually fell under that but closed above it. also closed above it io friday so that is support. next supoport is the 185 area then 180. also,the new high GS made on June 13th was a recflag for any technician as there was an obvious negative divergence on the RSI. buying Goldman here is probably a good bet provided you put in a stop at the 189 area. however,thats 3 more points of would be nice if it gaps down monday near that level and then initiate a position with a stop. i am still worried about the financials here.
  2. as for Bear Stearns; its june 14th(2006) reaction low was 118.89 so thats an area i'd be watching. we may get a bounce here as well at the 121 area but again,use stops. BSC and GS are near significant support levels so a quick 5 points is not out of the question but again these stocks are on sell lists right now so be careful and bail at the first sign of selling.
  3. by the way, Bear completed a head and shoulder pattern so either this is a good area to buy as it gave up a whole years worth of gains or it will fall to the 100 area.
  4. Buy, buy, buy GS as much as you can !! World´s biggest hedge fund MUST be in your portfolio !! Do you really believe they are an INVESTMENT BANK ??? => Ha, ha, ha... :D :D :D