Goldman Sachs stock

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SouthAmerica, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Darn, wish you'd told me <i>yesterday</i> it was about to rally... So what'll it do tomorrow?

  2. Rodney, you missed the most important point of the posting:

    Fools paradise: No volume
  3. Goldman never loses, they aren't the best anymore but they will always find a way to make profits. This isn't a stock to bet against because their connections in governments around the world will ultimately lead to success. The game doesn't have to be fair but in the end they will be hoisting the trophy.
  4. Are you shorting EWZ too? :confused: :D :eek: :cool: :p
  5. So what'll it do tomorrow?
  6. GS just got downgraded to A+ from AA-
  7. I heard the downgrade wasn't real? That S&P in fact actually did not downgrade GS. Anywho GS has been trading in an awesome range, bottoming around 88 to around a little over a hundred. About a month ago bought in upper 80's and sold out too early around 95 :/

    but second time around (right now, same entry) looking to get it above 100 before selling. But as always, take what the market gives you.