Goldman Sachs Says Fed Will Cut Rate to 4.5 Percent in 2007

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  1. Aug. 17 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Federal Reserve will cut the overnight target interest rate to 4.5 percent from the current 5.25 percent this year, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economists forecast in a research note today.

    The Fed will reduce the rate by at least 0.25 point on or before policy makers meet on Sept. 18, according to the note.
  2. Well its a done deal now right, goldman has spoken, so be it.
  3. There is so much truth in that statement that I want to cry.
  4. mokwit


    Bernanke would not have known what to do on his own, none of his text books had chapters on this.

    The sight of his stupid bearded schoolmaster face just makes me angry.


    Goldman Sachs is one of the banks that owns Federal Reserve what they say does go.

    I believe it.
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    NO RATE CUT IN 2007....


    A rate cut has already been implied with the FED injecting the billions of dollars of Liquity into the markets. So whether they make it official with another .25 point or not, has already been priced in,
  8. If Inflation numbers O.K. they will...
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    Huh, didn't he cut rate today ?
  10. And do you really think the consumer will benefit? come on people the banks will use any cut to pad their earnings.

    The banks are always quick to raise but slow to lower ALWAYS.
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