goldman sachs says 9 percent unemployment by end of 2009

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  1. holy crap!
  2. same folks who said oil 200
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    I live in MI, we were at 9.3 in October already. If GM goes, we will hit 20% - 25% imo.
  4. Unemp is already 13%, if you do the math before slick willy's change to the formula.
  5. At least one big-3 auto maker will make it via government bailout. Watch.

    I hope it's Dodge. I love my Cummins.
  6. As already stated in this thread, current unemployment is a lot higher than the released figure.
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    Wow GS is way ahead predicting this, they finally come out now and talk about unemployment rates nearing double digits in 2009.

    I made that same prediction in March of 2008, great going GS, you really are ahead of the curve......

    I think im going to have to STRETCH my prediction now that GS is on the same page as me 8 months later, Im going to up it and say unemployment rates to 15% by mid 2010, cant wait for GS next worthless prediction.


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    Unemployment rates are going to skyrocket over the next 12-18 months, I really do think we will see rates as high as 8-10% by mid to late 2009...GDP will fall below 0%.

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    Its the 2009 Unemployment Figure Pool!

    I say 23% National Unemployment by Nov 21, 2009.

    Anyone still working will be massively taxed. Property taxes will be up even though assessed values are down. Income tax will be up. Lots of sales tax increases and new consumption taxes. We're going to be gouged for our electricity since the new regime will discourage use of coal. The western U.S. is going to have insanely high water bills, 'cause there won't be much left.

    People are going to start squatting in the empty homes. Crime is going to pick up.

    New York will start looking like it did in the 70s, dirty and dangerous.

    This is all the fault of the baby boomers.
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    Just to let you know 20-25% unemployment is known as a great depression.
  10. Bingo. We will have arrived. We are halfway there. All we need now is for nothing else to change except the big three go down, and we will have another depression.
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