Goldman Sachs raises view on autos to attractive

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  1. Absolutely right, I need a new car...


  2. Analysts at Goldman Sachs on Thursday raised their view on the U.S. auto sector to attractive from neutral, saying they would use any weakness to build positions. "Despite the significant rally in auto shares since the February lows, we think we are still in the middle phase of a cyclical rebound in the auto sector," they wrote in a note to clients. "We see improved affordability, improving confidence and significant pent-up demand as likely to offset the impact from gas prices and deliver significantly more upside in the space as auto sales gain momentum."
  3. New price predictions on oil,

    bada bing bada boom for autos

    GS pays back the 10 b

    Life is good, even better than the old days, don't have to deal with those pesky Lehman Brothers.
  4. just in time so gs can be the lead banker on the ipo of the new gm.