Goldman Sachs Q4 EPS $8.20

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    May have been the last hurrah before Obama slaps them on the wrist for doing prop trading later today
  3. More serious question is, how could the other IB's underestimate GS earnings that badly ? Bonus curtailing ? I mean, 4.95 bn net income on net revenue of 9.62 is UN BE LIE VA BLE. Glorious day for Blankfein & Co.
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    They really had a hard time beating those estimates. Their earnings show there is no such thing as a recession or unemployment at 10%.
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    so what - they will move prop trading offshore and stop paying taxes in US (maybe in China? - LOL). that would be like obama pissing in his face...:D
  6. It simply shows mega weak competitors !
  7. Not for one of the minion banks of the central bankers! :eek:
  8. Or that they have an unfair advantage.

  9. In the fourth quarter, compensation previously accrued was reduced to fund a charitable contribution to Goldman Sachs Gives, the firm’s donor-advised fund, which is reflected in the negative compensation and benefits expenses of $519 million for the quarter. This contribution of $500 million was part of total commitments to charitable and small business initiatives during the year in excess of $1 billion.
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