Goldman Sachs Q2 Earnings

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    Is time of release 11.30am London time?
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    Yeah saw that but it was 2 wks old and Bloomberg terminal had it down for 15mins ago - evidently not
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  4. Consensus EPS estimate 3,52 USD.
  5. question: will any bad news be available to public?...
  6. LOL...of course not. That's why everything is a buy!
  7. i'm out. waiting volatility.
  8. Not interested in free money $$ no risk? :)
  9. Great earnings!

    Down to only 14 X leverage now.
    $10.73 billion from trading which is a +93 percentage points above year ago results.

    Book value at $106 now.
    29,400 employees, down from 35,000.
    Only poor area was investment banking and the lack of M/A work.
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