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  1. I'd like to tell you how I really feel about these "people", but Magna threatened to ban me if I did. :mad:
  2. Blankfein: The central banks are currently pumping liquidity into the markets, and thus consciously accepting inflationary risks. At the same time, however, they are also bolstering the economy. And, do you know what? It may just be that these people are doing an extraordinarily good job. Still, it is risky. If the surplus liquidity is not siphoned off soon enough, inflation will result. But I would not discount the possibility that that the central bankers are doing exactly what needs to be done.

    SPIEGEL: Do you invest in gold?

    Blankfein: I am not bullish on gold.,1518,650289,00.html

    Be honest, the government asked you to say that didnt they?:)
  3. Hum, don't tell anybody, I receive my bonus payment directly sponsored uncle BEN ...wink, wink
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    You know, these wall street fat cats really should think about how these exorbitant bonuses are making them look to the American people right now.

    It's one thing to pay yourself a huge bonus when everything is going fine with the economy... but right after you have taken billions in taxpayer money, and while the rest of the country is in a near depression, paying yourself like this in such a public manner is actually pretty stupid.

    There are a hell of a lot of very pissed off, desperate people out there these days without a lot to lose. It really won't take much for some nutjob to decide that Wall Street is the cause of all his problems and take matters into his own hands... with a shotgun.

    If I was the CEO of a large firm, I would have made real sure to publicly donate a hefty sum to charity and make it seem like I actually cared about "the people". These guys are getting awfully complacent about the mood in the country right now, and that's a pretty stupid thing to do considering how many crazies there are out there. It's a question of self-preservation.
  5. So much for people on a stock trading website called Elitetrader bashing a company that made money via risking proprietary capital and generating trading profits.

    But since 90% of the people that post on this site obviously don't TRADE for a living, I'm not surprised with the ridiculous comments being made about Goldman Sachs or the Adam Halls of the world.
  6. Ummm...

    I guess this is news to you but Goldman repaid the TARP money ( which they didn't want in the first place ) along with $318 million in dividends paid to the U.S. Government.

    That comes out to an annualized profit of 23% on the TARP money that was injected into the company last fall.

    Perhaps you might want to turn on your brain first before talking out of your arse.
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    You believe that GS and other large firms actually make money on a fair and level playing field like the rest of us? Come on.
  8. Perhaps you want to replace yours.
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    Long live the Queen!
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