Goldman Sachs pays $16 million for very ugly painting

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by spinn, Dec 8, 2009.

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  2. It may be a veiled form of bribery. It is easy to bribe and get away with for the banks: buy your house or other valuables from you above market value; low, zero, negative interests loans for house, business, etc, even default the principle for you; start a junt venture and let you have a fat compensation and channel money to you kin etc :D
  3. Money that could be distributed as dividends to shareholders.

    Shareholders in this country need to start demanding proper dividends as a tangible benefit to owning a part of a company.
  4. if I were goldman sachs, i'd have spent the money on that painting

    what's the point of pulling off the biggest scam in history, if you cant give the patsy the finger?

    that purchase is basically blowing lunch on the taxpayer, and in a perverse way, i applaud them, it's the natural order of things

    would it really be better if severe national stupidity were painless?
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    The perfect scam? The perfect <b>Heist</b>. Goldman managed to take an entire country hostage, demand Billions in ransom and got away with it. I don't think Hollywood could have written a better script.

  6. i dont see where we are saying anything different

    lose your money to a con man or a burglar, it's stolen either way
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    i could paint similar for...


    save 1M$