Goldman Sachs paid no Federal Taxes last year?

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  1. spinn


    Bill O'Reilly is on TV saying Goldman paid no Federal taxes last year.

    Is that true?

    If so, why not?

    They gave no answers as to why they do not pay.
  2. Rich corp F^&ks don't pay tax.

    It's the upper middle class/rich who pay taxes. That is, those who haven't yet left the country.
  3. They paid $14,000,000 in tax on over $2,000,000,000 of profits.

    Compare that to Exxon that paid $3.1 billion in taxes and made $4.7 billion (after tax)

    Its good to be the king

  4. spinn


    That is 0.7%.

    Where is that cited?

    And, why were they able to pay so little?
  5. the1


    Because they diverted profits - through bookkeeping trickery - to other, more tax favorable locations around the world. It's rather amusing that the treasury secretary tends to come from GS but GS pays no taxes.

  6. spinn


    I cant find that on the web anywhere....anyone have a link to an article or site that discusses it?
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    GS and Paulson ought to be strung up by their short hairs. The Bush tax code strikes again !
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