Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by W4rl0ck, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Very interesting. Why do they care about such a small blog with no traffic? They are just going to make the blog more popular by suing the owner.
  3. Thanks for posting the article.

    He's levying some pretty strong charges against GS.

    LOL, talk about David & Goliath! :p :D
  4. Why all the hate against Goldman. I'd rather be on their side than crushed into oblivion to the point your own family members denied you ever existed!
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    interesting thread. i do have to agree with that blogger. it looks like he is speaking out the truth!

    Not fair that GS is trying to shut him down.
  6. Goldman Sachs is evil

    The more they make money the more public and govt loses

    Alas, some ex-GS people in the government know. The wolf is protecting the herd of sheep. :)
  7. Bookmark the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    They help with free speech issues such as this.
  8. Look at his web counter, it's just new, just at 40 now at 70 visitors :cool:
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    I need a SOLUTION for the problem. So we all agree that so and so is evil. so what can be done? Gandhi's fast unto death before 85 broad street? will you guys come and fast unto death like Gandhi did?
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