Goldman Sachs Has Invested In A Company That Could Replace Analysts With Algorithms

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  2. Are they going to sell the software or will they keep it inhouse?
    How much money will they save in terms of analyst salaries?
    How many analysts does GS have ?
  3. The people who work at Kensho are....." a diverse and spirited group of engineers and scientists who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. Together, our multi-talented team includes PhD theoretical physicists ect"

    So they are the new "analysts" coupled with high end computers data mining ?
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    Oh no, the end is near. Soon these pesky algorithms will morph into SkyNet and be spitting out Terminators...... Seriously though, these articles bore me... They are written by and peddled to people who don't understand how technology works..
  5. xandman


    Looks suspicious. The "Team" is not really that impressive, if you consider the lineup for either a startup tech or a new finance firm. Seems like the guys in NY are just hyping up a new business, Silly-con Valley style.

    Why no bioinformatics experts? Aren't they the best non-wallstreet algo experts? None are interested?

    Any new algorithms discovered would have to be discovered deep in the bowels of academia or kept hush hush by an investment bank.
  6. Ar So it appears that the US has finally secured Peoples Pension Schemes & Retirement Funds ? So there should be less of - Wall St Dooms days - and more Millionaires coming from this group. Have A Read of the present Jargon provided and See what you think - In terms of taking the subject matter further.