goldman sachs gym t shirt (new) size medium

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  1. light blue Goldman sachs gym shirt. short sleeve

    Too small for me. Runs small for a medium.

  2. I want, I'll send PM.

  3. well......waiting on your pm
  4. dont let Lloyd Blankfein down

  5. the1


    I'll give you 20 bucks if it comes with a match.
  6. LEAPup


    For my own safety, I wouldn't wear a shirt like that ANYWHERE!:eek:
  7. Personally and no offence to you but the best use for that shirt is for a cleaning rag not to be seen in public even though 90% or better out there in the Bannana Republc USSA still haven't a clue only whats on the brainless TV for the week. Were only getting what we deserve , once again , just my opinion .
  8. I sure as hell wouldn't wear it in small town america, unless you wanna get lynched.
  9. I have, actually my in-laws, have an old cordura material briefcase from Lehman Bros about 10 years old, mint, but I just told them to hand onto it.
  10. going to go to goodwill in a week unless someone wants it!
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