Goldman Sachs excludes US clients from facebook ipo?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by brokenmarkets, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. what a load of crap o lies from goldman sachs. as usual

    remember when google ipo goldman sachs excluded non- us citizens from participating.

    these are the most corrupt people i've ever met ....bunch of fucking liars.

    and the US gov't trust these punks and liars. to run the US financial system?????

    the reason the SEC has no jurisdiction from foreign clients who are ripped off.

    US securities laws are the most strict in the world for good reason. that is why the facebook ipo is excludes us clients.

    securities legislation in many countries is buyer beware.. insider trading and pump dump no such legislation in many manipulation front running doesn't apply in many markets
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    You are barking up the wrong tree dude.

    As a forein citizen you can set up a company in a low-tax state like Delware and bid for stocls as a company. You can even get to be taxed on all company profit as a person.

    If you can't afford it, then (surprise! surprise!) no one cares... except for lottery organisers, used car salesmen and loan sharking mobsters. (That's another side of the American dream.)

    Finally, in a number of European IPOs only people with 10mln or more ready to be invested in the IPO stock (who also happen to be the clients of the underwrtiting bank) are eligible. So, Google or Facebook IPOs aren't that bad in comparison.
  3. It is a private offering, not an ipo.
  4. it's called bullshit or giving the clients bullshit deals or run around.

    it's call RAW DEAL,, BAD DEAL.

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