Goldman Sachs downgrade FSLR to sell

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. goldman downgrades FSLR to sell.
  2. And sunpower. But they went from conviction buy right to sell. They usually just remove the stock.

    Big drop. Really big
  3. Thanks for the post,

    made a point a half on 50 shares pre-market because you pointed the downgrade out. Hey, $75 is $75.

    Also made a point 30 on 100 shares. I'm sure if I go back to the well at this point I'll get my ass kicked. This stock has a nice little range.

    Wow... what an easy short at 139.84 when that 140.00 sized up to 3500... way to start a day. Just playing the range... buy low sell high...

    Looks like I owe you a beer NY_HOOD.
  4. I knew he'd get me after making a cocky post on ET after saying how easy he is... :'(
  5. Got that mofo back and then some... buying 135.38, like a piker selling 136.48, within a minute prints are going off at 139.03. And I said to myself "I should probably wait until 138.00 to sell..."

    OMGWTF 140 PRINTS NOW!!!! AHH!! Who needs an extra 3.5 points in 2 minutes when you... correction 4 points now!... who needs 4 points in 2 minutes when you can post BS on elite...
  6. What a crazy little stock.

    Edit: what a crazy guy I am, talking to myself in a public forum.