Goldman Sachs Down on Record Earnings

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Is this a good sign for a small investor?

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  1. yonglee


    Goldman Sachs Down on Record Earnings
    March 13th, 2007

    When higher highs aren’t enough to push a stock up - what is? After an initial surge (when every other stock in the sector was down) GS gave up its gains and more on an awful day in the market.

    GS Down

    The rest of the street didn’t do much better - those sub-prime sniffles are turning into H5N1 for the sector.

    Is this a good news or bad news for a small investor like me?

  2. i have no idea but i sincerely think goldmasn must have a money printing press. gotta give these greedy bastards credit - they know how to squeeze blood from a rock
  3. It's a sign that a stock has topped.

    The financials are particularly susceptible to what will be a weakening American consumer.
  4. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    Its a great sign if your short. One of the most powerful signals out there.
  5. yonglee


    Well, I don't think so. For the moment, it might be working.