Goldman Sachs Changes U.S. Jobs Forecast to 250K

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Oct 1, 2009.

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  2. I would beleive the lesser of two evils. Atleast one has skin in the game. Looks like the market will shift to trading employment vs. dollar and commodities. Tommorow will probably be another drop. Sit on the sidelines and wait for the move to start.

  3. wave


    lol, what perfect timing on Goldies part. Man do they know how to lure in the sheep, almost criminal.
  4. Is this why Obama wanted to be out of the country for the report
  5. Right first they say the market will go 1100+. They squeeze the shit out of it to the upside. Then they get their shorts on and say everything is going to hell.

    Someone seriously needs to take a gun out and take some of these mother fuckers out.
  6. Q12


    Ah yes, the old 'double reverse back' method. This way when the actual number comes in at -225, CNBC can spit it as a positive based on Goldman's -250 projection. Brilliant! Although, it won't work this time.
  7. S2007S


    I would be actually surprised tomorrow morning to see the job numbers come in anything higher than 225k. I think GS threw this number out there so that anything less than 250,000 looks like a great number. I could be wrong though, maybe the number comes in -263,000 and the market sells of another 2%+

    Going to be interesting to find out how these markets react to any job number due out tomorrow, I think if unemployment touches 10% it will be a huge negative for the market.

  8. see 'the top is in' thread
    imho -- even printing $ to pump the hump aint gonna carry us over the next round of less than stellar news

    we'll see
  9. S2007S


    Unemployment at 10%+++


    -175 consensus

    Actual -263,000
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    If they gave that horrid number and the jobs report was better than expected and the market exploded higher, the way the market was coiling for a drop, I'm sure there'd be cries of 'manipulation" :) Still, I can't believe why people (people, analysts, managers, media) continue giving so much attention to anything ANYONE on the street 'predicts' or 'estimates.

    Disturbing news, though. Daaaamn.
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