Goldman Sachs Changes Oil Forecast From $200 to $50

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  1. You should thank them. Whatever they say it right. so they're of $50 here $20 there. Plan accordingly.
  2. I guess that means Oil has bottomed.
  3. Lest there was any doubt that Goldman was criminal pond scum, all doubt is now removed.

    From a $300 call to a $50 call in 4 weeks.


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    Wow, who would have thought, $50 is the new $200, Fu#KING AMAZING, I cannot believe how the system works. Oil going up they run their pathetic prediction to $200, oil drops and they call $50, Its a FU$king joke how they can come out and all of the sudden change their forecast. I thought I heard the phrase PEAK OIL around mid summer, what happened to that scenerio. Anyway as for oil its not going to $200 anytime soon, you will be lucky to see $100 oil sometime over the next 2 years as the global economy grinds to a halt. OIL is headed back below $50, this should not come as a surprise to anyone here. I cannot wait for the next bubble to come along, I hope they can create one really soon.
  5. Hey ....if they are not going to get the dough from themselves....

    Who does that leave get the $ from ?

    Blankfein could care less....even if it was his mother.....

    Third world countries' children going hungry ?

    Not in the way of my bonus....


    Hey now that they are in the banking business.....

    You can already see the advertising that's 21% for the first 30 days , etc......
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    Goldman: Don't Get Used To $90 Oil, Prices Going Back To Moon
    Jonathan Kennedy | Sep 17, 08 1:22 PM

    Oil_barrel.standard.jpgGoldman's energy analysts are reiterating their prediction that crude prices will rise substantially...and say that the dip presents a compelling entry point into the market. The analysts attribute the recent collapse to a "combination of financial concerns, skepticism, and real and perceived demand weakness." This being the case, the group has lowered its 6-month forecast for WTI crude prices from $142 to $125:

    We stand by our bullish view on oil, but just think it will now take longer to get to our previous price targets as the overshoot in June and July increased the forward price elasticity of demand (making demand more price sensitive) and restrained economic activity as global economic growth breached energy supply constraints, particularly in the emerging markets where energy shortages were the most severe.
  7. Why do you CONSTANTLY harp on these so-called "predictions"? What good does it do you? How does it help you in your trading, after-the-fact? Your obsession with these forecasts is absolutely absurd. How cares???

    Just TRADE the market action!!!
    Oh I forgot . . . You don't TRADE for a living . . . You just post on ET.
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    Right, werent you the one making fun of my predictions on how I was talking about how the commodities were in a bubble, you tried to prove to me how they werent, you were talking how great AG stocks were like POT and MOS, I kept buying DUG, SMN, DEE, DTO etc and you said that averaging into those "LOSER" stocks was just not worth it, fast forward months later and each of those stocks are up over 100% from where I was buying them.

    I can find those posts if you like.....

  9. I said it at 150 and Ill say it again at 70.

    The commodities bubble was a conspiracy by hedge funds to rip off the public.

    They had a good time. Game over.
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