Goldman Sachs ‘Buy’ Ratings at Five-Year High Undaunted by SEC

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  1. April 20 (Bloomberg) -- Allegations that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. deceived its customers have done little to hurt Wall Street’s stock recommendation, the most bullish since 2005.

    Deutsche Bank AG, UBS AG, Citigroup Inc. and Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. reiterated “buy” ratings on the New York-based company since April 16, when the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a fraud suit that has sent the shares down 11 percent. Twenty-two firms advise that clients purchase Goldman Sachs, which may say today that first-quarter profit rose 22 percent from a year earlier to $4.14 a share. One, Oppenheimer & Co., downgraded the stock since the claims were announced, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Irresponsible. But that's nothing new throughout the ANAL yst world, isn't it ?
  2. Anybody want to bet that 22 phone calls went out from GS that basically said "If you downgrade us, we will never do business with you again."

    They are too smart to say it outright, but a simple "we're watching" would suffice.
  3. I thought 22 Analysts would catapult GS above 200, but hey 152.83 ? Where are all the dip buyers ???? :confused:
  4. I'm keeping an eye on GS. I'm itching to press the buy button.
  5. I hear ya. I shorted the May 150 Put and plan to add SLOWLY in the next few weeks (this is a longer term trade for me)
  6. spinn


    you are going to add more as it keeps going down?

    how some of you get the money to trade amazes me. assuming you do trade.
  7. You're cutting it closer than I am. I'm short the 145 put.

    Looks like the 150 support level is strong.