Goldman off as Credit Suisse calls for $4 a share loss

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  1. "October was a difficult month; November-though we were hopeful-was really no better with asset prices for equities, credit and real estate-only coming under more pressure," analysts at Credit Suisse told clients in a research report Monday.
    The analysts estimated that Goldman would report a $4 a share loss in the fourth quarter. That would be dramatic to say the least, and would be the iconic firm's first loss since going public in the late 1990s.
    "Specifically, we're now forecasting total trading and principal investment revenues of negative $4.70 billion versus a positive $2.70 billion last quarter, a 25%-30% decline in investment banking revenues and 12%-15% sequential quarter declines in asset management and securities services and prime brokerage revenues.
    Credit Suisse also trimmed its share price outlook for Goldman to $140 from $170 to $200.}&dist=TQP_Mod_mktwN

    "Dramatic","dramatic", "dramatic"...:D
  2. Get ready for the downgrade parade. :cool: