Goldman now sees no Fed rate cuts in 2007 and 2008

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  1. obviously they will be refunding all their clients who took their point of view.

    when these guys come out and say they think rates are going higher im gonna load up with eurodollars and treasuries to the ying yangs.

    this us chief economist at goldman probably makes 2 million a year with no position and just made the worst call of the century.

    75 basis points of rates cuts for 2007 was his call.

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    This would be an example of Goldman, Merrill and Morgan Stanley working to create their own dip to buy. By the end of the week, Abby Cohen will be on the tube reaffirming her 1700 S&P target for year end.
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    One word comes to my mind:

  4. funny...
    I've been saying this for months..., well, 2 things..
    Fed rate cut = hilarious...
    Goldman = the greatest fade on earth...

    Goldman have the Best traders in the world, bar none. But their brass are not fucking stupid. WHY WHY WHY would they tell you what they plan on doing? I'd bet dollars to donuts that Goldman put out those 3 rate cuts projections, and still sold the living shit out of fixed income.

    And WATCH - Record Goldman trading profits again coming up this quarter...

    Anything they say to the public is usually, at least initially, WAY wrong...
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    Agree. I also wonder about Bill Gross and PIMCO. The guys got alot of bonds to move.
  6. Bunch of fucking idiots (Goldman, that is). Hell, can I get paid what those morons do to make a call that was so blatantly obvious that they still messed it up?
  7. They don't have to be stupid as a whole to have some idiot analysts.
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    no rate cuts, hmmm

    how obvious is this.

    there will not be a rate cut till 2008.
  9. I bet my life that they shorted the living shit out of the bond markets...
    How do you think they fell...??

    They are not idiots at all...they are just masters of when you fart & cough at the same time...that's what they do all day..

    Hanky Panky Paulson is not a clergyman..
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