Goldman loses money on just one trading day in Q3.

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  1. From ZeroHedge:

    "The Goldman 10-Q is out, providing numerous interesting datapoints for those willing to scour through them. The key one: Goldman lost money on just one trading day in Q3, making money on all the other 64. As a reminder, even in Q2 Goldman lost money on two trading days. The statistical probability distribution of 1 out of 65 is something that not the SEC, but Richard Feynman should be looking into, as Goldman Sachs, after rewriting the lass of risk/return, is now set to redefine normal distributions and other Statistics 101 concepts...."
  2. Insane. They obviously control the market 100%.

    An example of when being too big actually works in your favor :-}
  3. How much of goldmans 'trading' is speculative and how much is risk free profits, skimming money from clients etc.
  4. It's all Risk Free when you have the Federal Reserve frontrunning for you every single day.
  5. d08


    I believe the US markets are now "crooked", far more than they used to be - on par with Indonesia and Thailand, just hundred times bigger.
  6. it looks like a good profit factor, maybe 50 or so.

    how can this sordid manipulation of the markets can be orchestrated without some serious legal prosecution?
  7. Is that a serious question?
  8. Please tell me the Mods are not starting to hop on the crazy train too...
  9. If Goldman Sachs was a baseball player batting .999, there would have been a congressional investigation and ultimatley huge fines.
  10. Insane statistic. GS is clearly unstoppable at this point.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how this statistic compares with other IB's?
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