Goldman invests in broker-dealer

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  1. Goldman Sachs invested in BTIG LLC, a broker-dealer specialising in equity trading and brokerage services for institutions. Terms were not disclosed.

    A BTIG spokesman said the Goldman Sachs money would be used for further gorwth in the company. BTIG is expanding in the US and is currently building significant trading capabilities in strategic international locations.

    BTIG is becoming one of the most recognised agency execution companies helping institutional investors source liquidity to implement trading decisions, said Philip Hylander, a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

    BTIG, founded in 2002, serves nearly 1,000 institutional customers and offers services from four divisions: institutional trading, prime brokerage, outsource trading and direct market access. It has offices in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Greenwich, Red Bank and Aspen with affiliates in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

    I know, it´s supposed to be the "retail firm" forum. But hey, we might have some institutionals visitors on ET, too. Just read the other day Wall Street is laying off 31.500.... :D :D :D