Goldman Hitting 300 By Jan

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  1. One of the financial firms which stands like rock during all the credit crisis and stuff.. Its gold man.. This company has did smart moves at the most tough situations..

    Earnings are awaiting next week. With their short positions in Mortage sector and its been slumped by the rumours last month which moved its stock price much lower etc..

    Will Goldman touch 300 by coming january..
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    :p :p

    You actually think this stock is going to jump 50% in the next month.

    :p :p :p
  3. stocktrader2007 = stock_trad3r

    Only a putz like him would think GS will go up 50% by January.
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    Considering the strong triple bearish divergence on the weeklies ... I'd have to say "Oh Hell No!"

  5. "The Journal said Goldman Sachs, which is scheduled to report quarterly results next week, is expected by Wall Street analysts to deliver annual net income in excess of $11 billion.
    However, Goldman's big profits raise ethical questions, the newspaper said, as the company continued to underwrite collateralized debt obligations with subprime exposure and sell them to customers, despite its own traders betting CDO values would fall. "

    Sounds like GS. :p
  6. you can always sell him those 290 strike options for a nickel...
  7. Option Chain For Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, January, 2008 Options

    PUTS Strike Price 300.00

    Last 94.20

    CALLS Strike Price 300.00

    Last 0.05

    300 seems a little bit exaggerated...recession scenario "gourmets" prefering 155 - 185 puts...personally I prefer a short term breakout below 201.57 in order to load up some calls...:)
  8. still on 300
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    still :p
  10. Out of the woodworks!! where did you go? the market crapped out and well... look at you!!! new hairdo, new shoes, new handle, but what? same dumbass strategy that got you to the shitter in the first place.

    stocktrad3r, you know the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Would you have thought possibly that is your very logic that gets people to take the other sides of your trades? Perhaps it was you who drove the markets lower. If you like your beloved companies I would keep my mouth shut if you are long, else you may find some unwanted selling pressure when you get up in the morning!!:D :D
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