Goldman, "here, read this, its only a coupla hundred million pages"

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  1. Anyone know a few good Jail stocks, I think a bull market is coming in cell building.
  2. Job figures should show improvement next month. C'mon, put a few more people on the payroll to read GS doc.
  3. What's the big deal. All the FCIC has to do is:

    1) Demand GS provide the data in electronic text format. (It's already that way in the company).
    2) Request help from Google to search-engine it.

    All keywords are then at easy access at their fingertips.
  4. What search terms would you like to suggest?
  5. promagma


    Sounds like me doing taxes. The government asks for all this documentation, it takes me weeks to put it all together, and I'm pretty sure there's not more than 1 person at the IRS who understands what they are asking for, or what it all means.

    I would speculate that the 200 million pages is a result of the same old goverment logic being implemented by some high-level bureaucrats, who are incompetent, don't understand what information to request, but know that a failure to produce anything on the Goldman case would be a PR disaster. So Goldman was like, screw this, we're not spending two years to compile it into neat little forms and tables, let's just print out everything that is printable :D
  6. I feel for the minion who has to time stamp and bates number 100,000,000 documents.
  7. I suppose they could start with "ABACUS 2007-AC1 Fabrice Tourre" and see where it leads them. The docs can be made to come up in creation-date order, so the trail should be pretty clear. Whenever you do a search, there are also interesting other associations that pop up...
  8. "Whenever you do a search, there are also interesting other associations that pop up.."

    Really? Maybe we should start a service like that and call it Z00gle
  9. That's a great idea! :D
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