Goldman Gaming AIG Today

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  1. This bullshit has to stop!

    I hope all this BS blows up in their face right when the government has to scream mercy.
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  3. Apparently financials are up everyday because their books are cooked and the government is backstopping everything they own.
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    I think there was a lot of short covering going on as people didn't know why the financials were ramping. Now that the impetus is being reported they will probably sell off as the news wasn't that significant.

    AIG is a good short right now at 22.35 with a stop above the days high. Should probably end the day around $20 or less.
  5. Financials are up because boomer politicians are protecting the assets of the boomer electorate.

    The right thing to do was to let these banks fail and let the few solvent institutions take their place. Let price drop down to normal levels.

    At that point the survivors would be the younger generations who did no harm, and the adequately capitalized. Instead we are saving these leprous people and institutions who screwed themselves and others, at the expense of the moral.

    these pols and boomers were afraid everything was going to go to hell...yes for the moochers and thieves it would be a permanent hell, for the outsiders it would have been temporary, followed by a normal economic experience.

    the villians are holding us all hostage, gaming the system to get the price they want - one that supports themselves and screws the solvent and those without assets.
  6. Do you actually TRADE for a living, or are you more interested in "conspiracy" theories?

    Energy stocks down, Banks up.
    It's called ROTATION.
    Deal with it.
  7. Short Goldman. For the fun of it. :)
  8. You say this a lot, you have said it twice today “do you even trade” what’s your problem Landis, you parade around this website correcting and insulting people on 90% of the threads you post in.

    I come here for entertainment and to goof off. Why do you feel the need to say the same thing over and over to everyone “do you even trade”. So what if they do or don’t trade.

    I can only guess how you will reply.
  9. Was there any talk of AIG doing a 20-for-1 stock split? :D
  10. Thank you for the clarification.
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