Goldman could be an all star short...

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  1. ...Think about it:

    Goldman has made buku bucks in a near zero interest rate environment, during a time when the U.S. equity indexes rallied for the largest % gain over the shortest time in history, and during which time commodities *many* doubled or tripled.

    Also, Goldman was able to get paid for taking outlandish risk as they knew they were "too big too fail," and Goldman also got paid by Joe Taxpayer on all the bets it won with deadbeats like AIG.

    Do you really want to bet that it's safe to use their current P/E multiple going forward?
  2. dude. they also control the nsa/cia and ive heard they are looking for people like you online.. sshhh
  3. Do you really want to bet against it?
  4. serious question. have you ever even traded? i see a constant barrage of doom and gloom from you but i cant remember you ever mentioning a trade that you made short or otherwise. is this just a hobby for you or a source of entertainment?
  5. why dont you short the other remaining investment banks first and then the largest 200 S&Ls before GS, they all sport a lot worse balance sheets than GS you smart ass.

  6. I mentioned that point several times, he never responded because I think I was dead on. Some love to talk others make money on SMART bets, this is just a plain stupid trade. Even a spread long GS vs short the basket of all remaining investment banks, equally weighted by notional will perform a lot better over the upcoming months. This guy has ZERO clue!!!

  7. Most of their income comes from "Trading Activities" - which means making markets. Unless people stop trading securities and derivatives they will continue to make money. Don't hate.
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    when their stock hit $50.00 in the month of NOV last year weren't people trading securities and derivatives as well? oh, yeah blah blah blah..
  9. +1

    Nice shot man. Hey, remember SiSePuede? Now there was a target.