Goldman "charitable" trust

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  1. why does a bank need to give an average of over $400-$500,000 per employee for one year?

    But thank heavens they gave $1 million to Haiti :D
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    $400-500,000 who listens to this ? the media could pass all sorts of crap around and people today would believe anything passed along! GS employees have had to live for the bonuses but that doesnt mean they are that level. maybe the "lord" but who else give me a break! wait till they all get indicted!
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    A crisis like this helps us as a wealthy nation understand who we are as people.

    Today, Hollywood and Music personalities are donating their personal wealth and their time to bring aid to Haiti. Stars are offering up $1 Million or more in personal wealth but they likewise are donating the total gate at their events. For much of time we look upon these stars as obnoxious and self-important. Shallow. But in times of crisis they step up to the plate and offer to others what has been offered to them.

    Joe six pack has likewise stepped up to the plate and offered, as a percentage of income, a tremendous amount of money and time. The unemployed are offer what they can even when they have little to come to the aid of people far worse.

    So this brings us to our nation’s wealthiest industry and our nation’s wealthiest people; Wall Street.

    Wall Street has consumed our members of Congress as Congress has dedicated tremendous time in bailing out their industry and in understanding how the industry got so far out of control. Now, congress is dedicated time to compensation because Wall Street greed overcame common sense and decency.

    Outside of $1 million donation by Goldman Sachs (0.005% of their 2009 bonus pool), $750,000 by JP Morgan (another $250k in employee matching if employees total $250K), and a million each by a few more is all we hear relative to Wall Street and Hedge Fund aid. The reason we don’t hear of more is because Wall Street is too self-absorbed to offer out to others. Goldman is fighting to force their own to be good citizens because….it doesn’t come naturally.

    In a time of crisis the true nature of people are shown and what we have learned many times over is that Wall Street is about self absorbed people who feel they are entitled without social responsibility.

    Think about it. Where is Blankfein, Dimon, Lewis, Buffett, Mack, Ackman, Cohen, Chanos, Paulson in helping Haiti personally? If Gweneth Paltrow can donate $1.5 Million of personal wealth to this, what does that say about Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase and their executives? How about that pompous inside trader and Billionaire Steven Cohen? To me it says that they are cheap in helping others because it goes against a bottom line that impacts their annual bonus pool. Social responsibility be damned when importance is measured by the size of compensation and bank account statements..
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