Goldman calls for another 50bp cut

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bigpipn, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Rates to 3.0% at the Jan meeting says Goldman. IOW, Goldman bought the dip earlier today. :)

    Goldman Sachs of America. United they stand.
  2. We'll do anything to keep the ponzi scheme going.
  3. RBS analyst just came on and agreed.

    Multi-level-marketing at its finest.
  4. Don't you mean 3% at end if Jan?
  5. Yes, sorry, 2.50% by mid-year. I copied Bloomberg w/o doing the math myself.
  6. Might as well just cut to 0% NOW and get it over with. Then, everybody will understand that Bernanke is a nothing more than a lackey for the administration and a PUSSY.

    America is in "good hands" don't you think?

  7. sumosam


    Isn't GS part of the PPT, if not one of the banks comprising the Fed? Do they have the power to reverse the carnage in Asia? I have alot of respect for Asians, but it is my understanding that there could be a slightly greater than average tendency toward gambling. Don't think its over yet. :cool:
  8. GS is the proxy for the PPT. Guaranteed they made billions off this market tumoil and inside knowlege of suprise rate cut. GS is also colecting huge commissions from all those open market operations ordered by the PPT. Imagine your clinet can print its own money and is in the business of spending as much as possible.
  9. Not officially. But we cynics believe it is so.

    (It's "against the law" to "manipulate or attempt to maniuplate the markets... or to trade on material, non-public information". Unless of course, you're helping the Gummint accomplish their criminal goals. Then being an illegal profiteer will be overlooked.)