Goldman Call REDACTED!

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  1. Bullish.
    Even the missing month in December with all the AIG nasty was no big deal.
  2. Golden Sacks :cool:
  3. The legs... up and down are fantastic... :D
    And as for GS... when 2 out of the 3 (Buffet, Fed, GS) say it's OK to short GS, then it'll be OK but not before. And figure the odds of that. :cool:

    edit: oh wait, GS is the Fed, crap... :(
  4. That piece of seaweed on her stomach is arousing too. :p
  5. :p
  6. all true, all true, but if you were short GS you got owned.
  7. just watched cramer for a rare 3 minutes.

  8. You probably have not had a glimpse of their Tier 3 stuff :D

    Get yourself a CapitalIQ subscription and check it yourself. Do not be fooled by headline billion dollar earnings, rather look at how much capital (real/imagined ) had to be used.

    Cautious investing to investing/short selling to all :cool:
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