Goldman Bonuses

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  1. sps_45


    There are dozens of articles everywhere about this. All the major websites, newspapers, CNBC.

    Anyone working there currently wish to throw out a number? (Percentage preferably)

    When I worked there last year doing bitch work in Prime Brokerage Operations no one I know at the firm doing operations made over a 10% bonus, IF THAT.

    I know the traders and Investment banking dudes make good bank come bonus time. I'm interested in hearing some numbers.
  2. S2007S


    Think it comes out to approx: $620,000 a person.
  3. sps_45


    Yea thats whats in the papers. Lets be realistic. I doubt some entry level operations dude entering trades one year out of college is getting a 620k bonus.

  4. Neodude


    Only profit centers get sweet bonuses, ops is a cost center... therefore "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" j/k

  5. RedDuke


    How much $ did Goldman make in 2006 to be able to justify 16 billion in bonuses.
  6. For the year ended November 2006, they had roughly $37 billion in Revenue.
  7. RedDuke


    Yep, I also googled it. How can they justify to their shareholders giving up 43% of their revenue as bonuses. If I were a shareholder I would riot.
  8. Because talent is the source of all there revenue
  9. I've heard a janitor at Goldman makes more than $620k a year. :D
  10. RedDuke


    Well, I would say talent combined with insider info.

    Anyway, 10 thumbs up to the ones who approved and got it.
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