Goldman asset management CIO Domotorffy retires after 12% loss

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    The Global Alpha Fund is down 12 percent this year, according to sources familiar with the matter.

    As a quantitative hedge fund, Global Alpha hops in and out of positions quickly and uses arbitrage strategies to heighten gains. The fund gained prominence in the boom years leading up to the financial crisis and was seen as a proxy for Goldman's market savvy, but has been riddled with losses and redemption requests since then.
    he will enjoy luxurious retirement, his kids and grandkids thanks to goofy investors who believe in GS brand like in almighty God. Congratulations!
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    Where is emg? I thought the "house" always wins?
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    pretty sure it's a she not a he
  4. The adam's apple is usually the first clue. But I've been fooled before..... :eek:
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    "INDUSTRY NEWS: Goldmans are closing their Global Alpha Fund fund after the portfolio fell sharply and investors pulled out, the FT reports, citing a letter from the firm to clients. The fund, largely driven by HFT-style computer trading strategies, has seen a YTD decline of about 12 per cent to the end of August, the paper says."

    They can't even make money with all their inside info and an expensive HFT system, terrible!
  6. we are eagerly awaiting the details!
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