Goldman announces writedown---

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  1. Goldman Sachs is expected to writedown $3B-UK Telegraph
    Goldman Sachs (GS) is expected to announce a $3B writedown this week. Part of the writedown is attributable to their stake in Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. Goldman will also have writedowns of about $1.6B in its leveraged loan business .
  2. GS announces a writedown or GS is expected to writedown?

    You're disguing a rumor as news.
  3. Dumbass GS doesn't report till tuesday
  4. Its already prcied into the stock. Nothing will happen.
  5. Are you still alive?
  6. It would have been fun if someone had kept track of all stocktrad3er's stupid calls and comments and compiled them into one post.

    Then, instead of responding to any of his rubbish, we could just post up the latest link and post count.
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    i remember his 2 to 3 calls...

    buy FXI when it was 210 and GS when it was 230ish...

    nice call stock_trader....
  8. Load up on mini sp00z contracts now
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