Goldman and the REDIPLUS Platform

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  1. TM1982


    Anyone use this? Seems like the gold standard.
  2. don't know if it is the gold standard but gsec clearing and reorg is numero uno, imho.
  3. RediPlus was the sh*t standard when I used it six years ago. Too many problems to even go into. Maybe they've come a long way since then but I have no desire to roll the dice and find out.
  4. TM1982


    There are other things that go into it though like having Goldman's back office basically take care of everything for you and you won't have to worry about the safety of your funds.

    Have you seen Rediplus version 9.0 that they just released in April? Looks pretty sweet.
  5. Agree Goldman's back office support is superb. Haven't had the desire to even look at Redi since then. Hopefully they wised up and improved it.
  6. Too bad they don't accept individual accounts.
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    They do if you have the money.
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    How much are we talkin here TM1982?

    Ive also heard that you can get access to partner brokers such as Trade Pro, div. of Lightspeed. Can anyone confirm?

    All I need is a good data and execution platform w/ a broker that opens their system 7 AM or earlier. Any info would be great.
  9. I was never too happy with Redi... It's nice and everything, but a) due to all the bells and whistles it was always a wee bit sluggish; b) GS clearing is expensive. My Z$2c...
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    I guy from GS I have spoken to says it's good for smart arder routing equities etc but crap when it comes to trading FI
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