Goldman and Arch Coal

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  1. Over 30,000 April 15 Calls trade on Thursday with the stock essentially trading flat for most of the day . . .

    Low and behold, on FRIDAY Goldman Sachs initiates coverage on the Coal Sector with a "Neutral" rating; essentially panning it in favor of Nat-Gas E&P stocks because of high coal inventories and super cheap NG . . . opining that if you had to be in a coal name their favorite would be Arch (ACI), with a $19 target and Foundation (FCL), with a $19 target.

    Someone must have "leaked" this recommendation somewhere, because ACI just doesn't trade 30,000 front month calls out of nowhere.

    How this could not be a HUGE "red-flag" to the SEC, I have no idea.
  2. Dude you forgot that the SEC is only to protect the likes of GS not Joe Blog investor.
  3. Don't forget what's-her-name... the home decor queen that went to jail over $46k of Imclone stock...

    That amazingly earthshaking conviction should silence all the doubters.
  4. ammo


    whats her name was a fine public example of how the hard working sec always gets there man,taking attention away from the enron scandal,that publicity stunt and the one where bush sent everyone a $600 check,keeps the sheep beleiving that the governmet collecting our taxes is not tony sopprano but the true blue uncle sam working in the best interest of the red blooded american public
  5. That Marta Stewart deal was just another insult IMO. Back then it was just a cover so investors gained confidence in the market once again. And the beat goes on.