Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co. (GHCO)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Willie68, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Willie68


    Does anyone have any knowledge or information about this firm? I am going in for an interview for a prop. position next week and would love any insights that you all could pass along.

  2. AC3


    Is GH where ur going 4 an interview ??
  3. AC3


    Sorry didnt read us post carefully enuf ....No I dont have info on them but read there pitch and was interested in the deal if U wud share ur thoughts and impressions after ur interview I wud appreciate it
  4. Ebo


    Although I do not have firsthand experience with them,
    I have two friends that have never said a bad word about them and trade with them using J trader. Good luck!
  5. Willie68


    Thanks for posting their site address, but I have been all over it already. I am just looking for some 1st hand ( or second) impressions or advice on how they interview, etc.
  6. AC3


    Thats what Im looking for ..... I wanna know what they aernt saying on the website ie contract size and hurdles that have 2 b crossed 2 get that amount 2 go higher....... etc etc
  7. jimmyz


    You can look up some of their people on the site as well as the firm.

    Ok, its doesn't say much, but at least you can find if they have any possible pending disclosure events and what they did before they came to the firm. Their backgroud might help you make a decision.
  8. AC3


    Fair call
  9. Since GHCO is a futures firm I think you'd find that information on not the NASD site.
  10. I had an interview granted for them last summer, but unfortunately was unable to attend. Am very interested in hearing more about them and will possibly submit my info in the future for consideration.

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