Golden MM, MF: nickel and diming

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by elguapo, Apr 28, 2009.

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    This industry if filled with people trying to squeeze money out of you. Its apparent when your arca rebate ends up being .0017 at the end of the month that someone, somewhere, is being a douche.

    its when you find out that some people are paying 250 for fucking sterling...and some people are not. golden does this. others do not.

    its when you find out that your fcm is only being charged a g from TT to license x-study, but feels compelled to charge a couple hundred bucks despite being advertised by TT as free with tt pro. MF does this. others do not.

    These two instances above are just the non-sneaky, "hi i'd like to try and make some free money", totally obvious and easy to verify ways in which this entire industry is plagued by douchiness. Don't even get me started on "", mysterious transact/activity fees in my laser blotter, ect...
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    ok, golden charges 250 for sterling you say. how much do these other places charge and what kind of volume do you need to do and at what commission rate to get "free" software.

    and should i choose my firm based on software price?
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    on a total side note, its not the price really. just look at it this way. when you already pay a grand to use tt pro instead of tt, and then 'x-study' is advertised as free, thats kinda what you would expect. when your own tt rep says, 'huh, thats bs', its probably whack. when fucking 'alaron' futures or whatever is offering it for free, you'd think you might get it for free as well. i don't even use xstudy, its just the principle.

    as for sterling, right. if it were 250 a month for anvil, sure whatever i might understand that since its hands down the best trading platform in existence despite being run by assent (a negative).

    you got a couple hundred posts, i mean you probably aren't a troll. i dare you to call up golden and ask if its 250 all in or 250 without entitlements and see what they say.

    i mean you could call up any of these firms and say, "hi, i'm douche bag mcgee and I trade twice every other tuesday" and here are the responses you'd get.

    wts: "250 for sterling? no, we subsidize that by mimicking our best traders"

    cygroup: "no, we used to charge a few bucks for all entitlements/non-pro status but then it became obvious that certain regulatory bodies would be upset. But no, not even 'they' have a problem with us charging 0 dollar for laser.

    assent: "we'll tell you when its ok to ask us a question".

    Title: "we don't take deposits. but talk to enough our branch managers, and we might give you the same deal as golden/wts, but just 500-750 more per month as a desk fee...even though you're remote"

    this is partly a joke...because the two issues i mention are just small compared to some of the retardedly/crap people would be really pissed if they knew we were doing this, crap that goes on which is always of course 'a mistake'.
  4. elguapo


    zero. zero, and you could be paying .0000nothing per share to get 'free' software.

    and should you base your firm on software price? only if you're broke. As bright would say, "there are a lot of different factors when choosing a firm. due diligence my friends. now come bathe with me in the bright pool of excellence" i forgot about them, i mean i think even they rebate their 'software fee' if you trade 1/2 a share a month, or something anybody could do if they actually trade for a living.

    you shouldn't base your firm on software price. you should base it on all that is just and right, and 250 for sterling is a joke. if you find yourself in that category, do not do it, i don't give a rats ass how big someone's server farm is, if others within that same firm are paying less, stand up for yourself and don't do it.